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Industrial Hygiene Services

Our Industrial Hygiene Services are listed below:

Technical Services

  1. Baseline Industrial Hygiene Surveys

  2. Industrial Hygiene and Safety Program Audits

  3. OSHA Type Audits

  4. Noise Testing & Noise Dosimetry

  5. Air Sampling/Personnel Monitoring

  6. Training

  7. Program Development

  8. Emergency Response to Exposure Events.

  9. Expert Witness in Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology & Dose Reconstruction

Industrial Hygiene Management Services

  1. Hearing Conservation Programs, Noise Surveys, and Octave Band Analysis.

  2. Industrial Hygiene Program Development.

  3. Government Testimony (State or Federal)

  4.  Expert Witness Litigation Support Services 

Contact Dr. McCartney to discuss any of these services by phone at: 302-300-0135 or by email at:

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